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Short Story: Forever in Our Midst

“This is so cool”, Pari thought, as her excitement soared. It was past midnight and too late to call up Amitava. She closed the back cover wondering if it was just exhaustion and imagination playing mind games, or was there something more to it. She had seen such sightings in photographs of locations known to…

Vaccinating Children Against Covid19

There are no two ways about it – Covid19 has thrown a monkey wrench into the well-greased cogs of our lives & livelihoods, sending life, as we once knew it, into complete disarray. Add to that the uncertainty of the vaccine rollout; the after-effects of which, are yet to be completely understood.

Short Story: The Photograph

That night he slept deeply. At around 2:04 am his slumber was disturbed by a gentle tapping sound. He was groggy, but he could clearly make out a distinct tapping sound and a soft voice repetitively whispering something that he couldn’t quite make out.

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