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S. B. Ryder provides a wide choice of reading and writing services. With an in-depth and vast knowledge of the English language, and its variants, Ryder offers clients with professional services that can turn a mass of words into a tailormade masterpiece.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
-Benjamin Franklin

1. Professional Book Review

Got a book that’s due for release? Or maybe you already have a book that’s been on the shelves gathering dust and you need some action to pump up the sales and gather eyeballs. If you are an independent author or don’t have a huge budget for promotion and marketing, I can help, by writing a relevant and insightful book review.

I will provide an honest opinion of your book in a professional and proprietary format, on this website and also on my social media pages. Reviews on Good Reads, Amazon and similar websites can also be provided.

2. Book, blog, website promotion

If you have a book, blog, or website you’d like to promote to the world, or have me discuss on my multiple social media platforms, let’s connect and discuss your requirements. Please remember that books, blogs and/or websites related to illegal and unlawful activity, including, but not limited to hate speech, drugs, pornography or terrorism will not be entertained under any circumstances.

3. Beta Reading

Any author worth his/ her salt would never dare underestimate the value of beta readers to the writing and editing process. I provide beta reading services for both fiction and non-fiction books, across genres and for all ages.

4. Ghost Writing

Who wouldn’t love to see their name on a book cover? Almost everyone … unfortunately, not everyone can write and express themselves. Here’s where I come in. Whether you have a story idea or would like me to cook up something exciting, drop me a line and let’s discuss your dream project.

5. Professional Book Editing

Writing a book isn’t enough. Editing it for accuracy, consistency, brevity and language is crucial before it heads to the press.

6. Specialized Writing & Editing Services

I provide writing and editing services for a wide array of micro-tasks, including blog writing, article writing, short story writing, copy writing, advertising copy writing, speech writing, academic paper writing, legal judgement writing etc.

7. Journalistic & Media Writing

From time to time, I write opinion posts about topics that interest and intrigue me. However, if you are looking for inputs such as a finished news piece, drafting interview questions for a celebrity or public figure, an opinion post, a feature post, a guest writer etc. I can get you up and started all the way to a finished piece.

8. Looking for something else?

Got something I’ve not thought of? If it relates to writing or reading … even remotely, let’s discuss your requirement. After all two heads are better than one.

Good writing is clear thinking made visible.

– Bill Wheeler

Let’s discuss your requirement.

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